It might be a waste from a certain perspective except that (if I 
remember correctly) the AES standard for storage of polyester audio tape 
recommends NAB hubs with flanges. You can certainly play pancakes on 
some decks without flanges and store them without flanges, but from a 
preservation standpoint, they really should have flanges. There are some 
trade offs here. If buying the flanges at $12 a set means you have to 
fire your engineer, then maybe it isn't such a good idea. But however 
much it costs up front it will save a bundle in the end if you've got a 
mountain of tape on the floor that popped off the hubs after an 
earthquake or something.

And I'm also a happy US Recording Media customer (and unhappy Quantegy 

David Seubert

Lou Judson wrote:

> If you need more detailed information Please ask - it would be a huge 
> waste to buy flanges for every reel if you can only play one at a 
> time. This is from one who has handled thousands upon thousands of 
> tape pancakes , and only ever owned a half dozen flanges.