Hi Diederick,

I've installed many sound cards on various computers in the past, and 
the one I had the most problems with back six year ago was a Terratec, 
but that doesn't mean that they (the German company) haven't improved 
their products.  According to what I've found on the web, it looks to be 
a fairly higher end product with an external I/O box which should 
isolate it from internal computer generated artifacts.  I'd check to 
make sure the card is seated properly as well as the connecting cables.  
Disconnect any external input/output cables from the box first to see if 
they might be the problem and gradually add them back if that seems to 
be where the "buzz" is coming from (very likely).  Most of the problems 
I've encountered have come from multiple external devices (tape decks, 
VCRs, etc.) that do not have a common ground.  Those all should have a 
common grounding wire to each.

Of course, as others have mentioned, you should find out what is the 
frequency (approximate) of the hum or buzz.  Can you tell us if it is a 
very low hum (60 Hz is most common) or a buzz like a shaver which is 
usually more obvious to the ear?  The low frequency (60 Hz) is common 
with a ground loop; it's easiest to identify.  I've never had any 
problem from my CRT monitors unless I put some external device like a 
turntable near it.  As a matter of fact, the turntable that I use to 
transfer transcriptions I DID have to move farther away (45 ft.) when I 
first set up this studio five years ago.  It is more sensitive, since 
the pickup arm is an open reproducer (like a mike) and much more 
sensitive than enclosed devices to both audio and radio wave frequencies.

Is your card under warrantee?  If so, you might try to return it for 
another one; yours may be defective.  Also, you might see if you can 
return it for credit if none of the above solve your problem and 
purchase something else.

Rod Stephens
Family Theater Productions

D Basson wrote:

>Dear Group members
>I recently bought a Dell Optiplex GX620 computer with Windows XP.  I use a Terratec DMX6Fire soundcard.  When I make recordings using Adobe Audition or Wavelab, I get a buzzing noise -  a problem I have never had with my previous computer. Can anyone perhaps help me solve the problem?
>Kind regards,
>Diederick Basson