Karl Miller wrote:

> For me, digitization is only part of it. Duplicate copies, in different
> locations is, for me, of equal importance. While we do not have the fiscal
> resources to adequately address our preservation needs, unlike the
> Library of Alexandria, we do have the techology to make duplicate
> copies at minimal expense.

Some decades back, a study was undertaken to locate the national radio 
telescope. The primary requirement was minimum exposure to natural 
disasters - earthquake, hurricane, tornado, flood, ... The site chosen 
was Green Bank, West Virginia. Somewhat different criteria have applied 
for storage of corporate records; the resolution there involved depleted 
salt mines. National defense requirements led to the development of 
Cheyenne Mountain.

The point is that if a national archive is to be established, those 
responsible might first define criteria for its location, then assess 
available sites. Secondary repositories make sense, particularly when 
duplicate digital records are involved, but note that they will have 
different criteria from the primary. For example, a secondary archive 
should be readily accessible; the primary need not be.

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