Okeh...go no further! Mould actually eats the wax compound that
"wax cylinders" are made from! If you are fortunate, the cylinders
won't be too badly damaged, and will be playable (albeit noisy)
after the mould has been removed. I'm sure others on this list are
more qualified than I to advise on the cleaning agents and
procedure, though.

I would point out one thing here that we have learned over the years -
it isn't really helpful to remove the mould, even if you can.  Yes, the
presence of the inactive mould makes  the recording noisy to play back,
but removing the mould leaves pits and other holes that makes playback
less attractive.  We concluded that it's better to leave it alone.


Also, if you have an old Edison (or other) cylinder machine, it
would be a very good idea to get it professionally cleaned
and lubricated, Like any mechanical device, the machines tend
to collect dust and dirt, and lubricants harden or deteriorate
with age. There should be a professional in your area who can
handle this task.

Steven C. Barr

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