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To: dave n
Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] 1/4" tape editing supplies?


I recently went on e-Bay and found sellers for new 1/4" splicing tape,
leader tape, end of reel hold down tape and new/used splicing blocks. I
bought some of each (except a splicing block) plus a new empty 5" reel. From
time to time, e-Bay also has new Maxell and other brands of 7" reels of 1/4"
blank tape. If what you want is not up for bid at the moment, let me know
and I'll look up the contact info for the sellers that I bought from.

John Bemis
Lake Havasu City, AZ

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] 1/4" tape editing supplies?

> Hello all -
> After lurking for some time, posting the occasional question, and spending
> the summer doing advance work to spec out and purchase audio & computer
> equipment, I've finally started as the audio archivist for the 92nd St. Y
> here in NYC.  Lots of great material here - we're starting with about 1600
> hours of poetry and literary readings on formats ranging from 1/4" reel to
> PCM digital to DBX digital to DAT to DVD-ram, not to mention the DVCAM and
> VHS recordings.  My previous archival gigs were working on the Caedmon
> spoken word recordings for HarperCollins Publishers from 1996 thru 2001,
> and then a similar poetry/spoken word archival project for Poets House, a
> 45,000 volume poetry library here in NYC from 2002 thru now...
> As we get our new audio room at the 92nd St. Y up and running, I was
> wondering which suppliers folks on this list might recommend for 1/4" tape
> editing supplies...  So far I've been lucky to work in places that already
> had basic supplies in place - this is the first time I've had to track
> them down from scratch...
> I did see David Seubert's post about US Recording Media - any other
> businesses out there that still carry these items (leader, splicing tape,
> hold-down tape, alcohol, blades, etc...)?
> And I would particularly like to track down a 3M Studio Dispenser in good
> condition ;-) - anybody got a spare one lying around?
> Thanks for any leads, and I hope to participate more in the discussions on
> the list as I become immersed in digitizing & preserving the 92nd St. Y
> collection :-)
> dave nolan
> 92nd St. Y
> nyc