I don't have all that much time to get into this, but 1st off I suspect 
that the formatting of the external drive should be done from the 9.2 
disk from the Apple Disk Utility. All drives on a Mac system should be 
formatted using the appropriate version of the Apple Disk Utility. If 
there is one piece of info I would like to help you with, it is that 

Boot up from the 9.2 CD (or wait until you've installed 9.2 and run the 
Utility from the internal drive where you installed the OS)
Run Apple Disk Utility [from the CD] (this means that you are losing 
all your info from your external hard drive - but it sounds like you're 
OK with that?)

Format your external drive using this Utility.

Make sure to name the drive when you do this; if for some reason you 
decide to rename the drive at a later time, be sure to run Norton 
because there will be a directory error. (ie do yourself a favour and 
don't rename the drive after you name and format it the first time)

Then - I don't know - if your life still isn't dealing adequately, I 
would try to find a fresh install of [complete] 9.2. Before that 
though... did you unplug the external drive and any other peripherals 
when you attempted to run the update? Also, did you boot off the CD? 
You can change the bootup disk somewhere in your system folders (it's 
been a while since I used 9 - but it's there somewhere - or there is 
that damn key command when you boot up - whatever was it?). I would 
suggest trying the update if you can do so by booting off the update 
CD. Perhaps that's not possible? But worth a shot if you're having 

The great thing about system 9 is that you can back up the entire 
operating system easily - you must know this. Just copy your boot drive 
into a folder, on an external drive, and you will have a back up 
(without having to resolve to special backup software)

There is much I prefer about system 9...

Hope that helps get the cogs turnin'



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On 22-Sep-05, at 9:13 PM, Aaron Levinson wrote:

> Dear Tech Folks-
> I am running a pro-tools rig( 2 888 24's) and we recently purchased an 
> external drive so we were not saving session files
> to the same drive that the application is running on. The computer is 
> a dual processor G4 tower. After a few attempts to drag
> and save the session files onto the external drive we concluded that 
> the drive was not being recognized as it should be.
>  To make a hideously long story somewhat shorter, I retrieved the 
> original box the drive came in and discovered, much to my chagrin, 
> that the device will not operate with anything earlier than OS 9.2. I 
> am, of course, running OS 9.1! Okay so we go to the site and 
> download the OS 9.2 update file onto the external drive and plug it 
> back into the firewire port on the back of the G4. However, as the 
> engineers out there will no doubt notice at this point we are caught 
> in an audio Catch-22- the system still
> cannot recognize the external drive that now has the 9.2 updater on it 
> cause the G4 can't find it-  its still running 9.1! So we tried
> to burn OS 9.2 to a CD instead and take it off the CD. However, very 
> mysteriously this solution did not work...Now I'm puzzled.
> The error prompt we get says that the install cannot be completed 
> because the computer can't read and I quote, "the installation
> tome". What on God's green earth is an "Installation Tome"(Sound 
> Joycean and imposing in any case) and how do I get
> this to work. The external drive is made by a company called Western 
> Digital I believe...Can anyone far smarter than
> moi lend a digital hand on this bit of arcane computerese? What are we 
> doing wrong and what do we need to do to get it
> to work. I have updated the OS on various macs I've owned over the 
> years and I've never had this kind of problem or seen
> this prompt. Any thoughts?
> Aaron Luis Levinson
> Libertad Records
> Conshohocken, PA