HI Rod

My biggest problem was to get the PC to recognize the Tascam. I had to
download new drivers.  After that, everything went fine.



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Dear Diederick,

We're glad you've got something that finally works for you, but just for any
of us who might be considering going the USB route, what we're the
installation problems you encountered/solved?

Rod Stephens

D. Basson wrote:

>Dear All
>As you all know by now, I sold the Terratec and bought the Tascam US-122
>audio interface.  One of the reasons for buying the Tascam, apart from
>apparent good results obtained with it, is after-service.  Down here, at
>southern part of Africa, one has to take that into consideration.
>After having some problems getting the unit to work under Windows XP, I
>finally got it started and am very happy with its performance.  The sound
>much cleaner (compared to the Terratec) and operating the unit extremely
>simple - literally plug and play.  As I don't do professional LP transfers,
>the unit fulfills my needs and I can really recommend it.
>Kind regards,
>Diederick Basson