Richard L. Hess wrote:

>  From the sound of the initial description it sounded as if two programs 
> (one forward and one reverse) were being picked up simultaneously (by 
> the same head track) on playback, one program ended and the reverse 
> program continued. I was suggesting that I might have some luck 
> separating the two programs that played together because I had a 
> custom-built head assembly made for just this purpose (and a few others).

The description left unclear how loud the reversed track was. If a 
four-track stereo recording is played back in half track (one channel or 
both), one program will be reversed and at somewhat reduced volume. 
Obviously, that allows recovery simply by playing on a four-track 
machine with the 'reversed' channel playing back at full volume. The 
obvious alternative is an incompletely erased half-track recording 
picked up from misalignment of heads or a similar error; in that case, 
the reversed channel will be at much lower volume. That is more 
difficult to recover and in addition to Richard's deck may need to have 
some of the forward track removed in the computer for intelligibility.

More information from Mr. Cox will help us assist.

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