"Richard L. Hess" wrote:

> That is interesting as the only other time I ran across Utah tapes
> were on the reels as you described and they were from someone who
> grew up in Montreal, so I had assumed it was a Canadian outfit
> (despite it's name). One of the tapes he had me transfer was Queen
> Elizabeth's Coronation in 1952 and although you indicated that the
> unit had a radio in it, it sure sounded as if they had mic'd the radio.

Incidentally, the Coronation was in June 1953..I remember getting up to listen to
it (when those things actually mattered to Canadians). It was also relayed by short
wave. Solitaire Records in Toronto actually put out HM's Coronation Speech on a
two-sided 78 in a souvenir envelope, taken off the short-wave broadcast.

(Meanwhile, the current Governor General is about to leave office, having
squandered thousands of dollars on pointless world tours, is about to publish her
memoirs, and is going to steal the limelight from the installation of the NEW
Governor General who's already in hot water for her dual citizenship, her marriage
to an alleged Separatiste, and the kerfuffle over her new gown being shown to the
public before she got to wear it. Any wonder I'm a tad cynical about the Monarchy
these days?)