Hello from Dorset, UK.
Don't know if I can help but contact me off list and I'll see if I have any contact addresses here.
Russ Barnes
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Jeff Willens <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
There is a place in England that sells AEG hubs. I bought a couple.

I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but it's the only place I know that sells them.

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Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2005 3:33 PM
Subject: European (DIN, AEG) hubs and flanges needed

Hi --

Jos Van Dyke posted that European (DIN, AEG) hubs and flanges could be
found on ebay. (Thank you, Jos!)

Sure enough, here are pictures from the two ebay listings he pointed to.

Just what I need! But, I can't speak German, so I'm not real comfortable
about pursuing this route. 

I was wondering if anyone on this list had any extra of these that I
could purchase or knows of a supplier where I can just BUY what I need.


-- Steve

Steve Puntolillo
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