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>>hello there,
>>Wolverine's FlashPac will allow you to transfer to a drive without a

> Do you have a Woverine FlashPac? I have two ImageTanks from Taiwan
> and they're underwhelming. They have 40G drives in them.
> Epson makes something that lets you see pictures, but should work
> with sound as well.
> The Wolverine looks to be the most aggressively priced.

I've been rolling around the utility of these photo vault things for CF
audio transfer and storage under field conditions for a while now, but no
one has been able to give me a straight answer and I haven't been willing
to risk spending the money and having it fail.

Has anyone used the Wolverine to upload audio off a flash card?  If so,
did it work?  The only thing I was really worried about was file naming. 
For example, the PMD670 has a default numerical file naming system
(something like 0001.WAV, etc.).  I imagine one would have to keep track
of what numbers had been used and renumber new files via the recorder
before uploading them so as not to overwrite files already on the photo
vault.  This make sense?

There are also some stand alone portable CD burners that write data discs
from CF cards--a photographer buddy of mine has one of these--but I'm not
sure if he's tried it with audio yet.  I imagine that as long as the file
was under 650/700 megs, this could work too.  Anyone given this a whirl?


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Vermont Folklife Center
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