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Mike Richter wrote:

> Steve Puntolillo wrote:
> > 
> > One of our clients has a collection of rare wax cylinders 
> > he would like
> > to have transferred into the digital domain. These are of one of his
> > ancestors who was apparently a renown opera singer in Edison's day. 
> Out of a bit more than idle curiosity, are you free to share the 
> singer's name? You are in the heart of my area of interest and I have 
> been able to help others - though not with the resource you need here.

My client didn't mention his name. I don't think there's a problem
discussing any of this with anyone who is interested. Please ping me off
list with whatever questions you might have about the artist and I'll
try to get them answered for you.


- Steve

Steve Puntolillo
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