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Jos Van Dyck kindly wrote:

> That's the German DIN broadcast standard hub, used in many 
> European studios.
> [BTW, German is my mother's language, so feel free to ask.]
> What tape recorder do you use?

It's a Studer A80RC. I have a set of the snap-in DIN hold downs for it.
A picture can be seen here. Just keep scrolling down until you find it:

> Any decent Studer or Revox dealer should be able to supply a 
> pair of them
> (or a complete set including the hubs).
> It may be expensive to ship from Europe.

Can you recommend someone in particular? I didn't know there was such a
thing as a Studer or Revox dealer any more.

> This store sells a lot of Studer and Revox gear:
> <>

To which Richard Hess added:

> The last time I checked with my neighbour Filmco, he only had the 
> 10.5" DIN Plates.

I don't think he even has those any more.

> I'm pretty sure Steve is holding out for the 12" DIN Plates. I only 
> have one complete
> cine DIN plate at 12" -- I did buy a pair of the 10.5" DIN 
> Plates from Filmco.

I'm past the "holding out" stage. I won't give up until I find 30cm
(12") flanges because I've already had to navigate a job that required
them (barely ... I improvised). But, I would purchase the 26,5cm
versions if I could just to hold me over while I keep looking. 


-- Steve

Steve Puntolillo
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