I am all ears as well !!! My reasons are similar to Lou's... 

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Please don't take this offlist! It would be a valuable discussion. I am
a professional audio engineer with aminor sideline in restoration, based
on keeping my old archives alive - so how to price it for the occasional
client would be very valuable here.

For the record, I charge my usual hourly rate, and estimate it high
enough to allow for a few troublesome projects and a majority of them
routine. Like if I had 60 hours of material, I'd estimate it around 75
hours, roughly. But if I had to make five passes to get one of them, it
would cost the client... And also do job prices, when needed to fit
something like the grant situation.

I am curious how the real restoration people estimate and charge for

On Sep 26, 2005, at 5:47 AM, Lani Spahr wrote:

> Now, my question: I've been asked by a small museum here in NH to 
> digitize a collection of 78s, open reels and LPs. Since I've never 
> done anything of this size the problem I'm having is "What to charge"?

> They are working with grant money and want me to submit my estimate of

> how much I think I can do with the money they have available. I can 
> estimate my time but how do you translate that into a price? How do 
> you all charge? By the hour, by the job? How?
> It might be best to take this offline and I welcome any and all 
> responses.
> Cheers,
> Lani Spahr (Mr - just to be clear)