I agree Richard, and I also by from eBay pretty heavily....but that is
generally because I know exactly what I want and don't expect any help
from the vendor beyond the box in the mail. Also have to be very
careful. I do admit that on long term, large capital items, or in
situations where I'm not sure exactly what is best, I'll pick a vendor
that I trust to service me. I'm willing to pay for that, and they (so
far) have earned what little extra I paid them. Can't say I ever felt
raped by Sweetwater. Still, lots of other good vendors out there. 

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Steve, can you be more specific? I've bought some stuff from but that's because at the time there was a fairly
knowledgable sales person who was making sense discussing audio on the
Pro Audio list. But they have fairly good prices if you know what you
want, but it really depends. I shop around and buy lots of my stuff on

I've probably given the most money to eBay vendors, followed by Dell
computer. I bought three of my Mackie speakers from as they were offering a really good price with
free shipping.



At 05:35 PM 9/26/2005, you wrote:
>Could you please recommend a good vendor for professional audio gear?

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