Below are three messages that have been posted on the Society of Alabama
Archivists listserv regarding hurricane damage to museums.  No specific
mention of archives yet but some of you may be interested in this

Joan Clemens

[log in to unmask] 8/31/2005 11:58:03 AM >>>
Here at the Old Capitol Museum we had a third of our copper roof blow 
off, bringing water pouring into an exhibit area and a storage room.  
Our staff has been working on moving artifacts from one side of the 
building to the other (on our lunch break right now).  We have hundreds
(if not more) of wet artifacts and some that are completely ruined.  
It's devastating, but cannot compare to those on the Mississippi Coast,
Mobile, or Louisiana.

Cindy Gardner, Field Services Curator
Old Capitol Museum of Mississippi History
Mississippi Department of Archives and History
P.O. Box 571
Jackson, MS 39205-0571
Telephone: 601/576-6901
Facsimile: 601/576-6981
Email: [log in to unmask] 
Here's more info from the listserv of the Field Services Alliance,
associated with AASLH.

Steve Murray

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To: FS-List
From: Karla Nicholson, AASLH

For Jerome and others: News on the museums, historic houses/sites, and
history organizations in the hurricane-damaged areas:

We're beginning to get a couple of reports from history organizations
in areas that were hit by Hurricane Katrina.  As you can imagine, news
and reports will be very hard to get for a few days.  I'll try to get
information out to you all as we hear it.

>From Janet Vaughan, AAM: Tamra Carboni called from one of the Louisiana
State Museums site buildings in Baton Rouge. She said that some museum
staff or their co-workers have visited the Jackson Square area in the
French Quarter where the Cabildo, the Presbytere, and the Old Mint are
located, and reported that some damage was sustained but that
collections were in better shape than feared.  I'm in the processing of
creating a link on our [AAM's] home page that will be called First
Reports. I'll post whatever we hear there.

>From Carolyn Harrington, director of the Louisiana State Museum's Old
Court House Museum located in Natchitoches in the northern part of the
state:  She said: "Our artifacts [in New Orleans] are safe except some
in our Jazz collection.  The director is working on getting these pieces
out right now."   Apparently, there is a group of New Orleans-area
museum staff currently getting police clearance and permission to go in
and "save" (I assume she means move or re-locate) the jazz collection
that's located in their museum in the US Mint building in the French
Quarter (near the market area).  She said that staff moved collections
to the second floors ot their sites last week and so far, the waters
don't appear likely to go that high in that area.  It's normally the
policy of the LA State Museums for some staff to stay in the buildings
during a hurricane, and a few staff were attempting to stay, but the
director told everyone to leave and evacuate the city on Sunday.  Staff
that have been located (some evidently have not been able to report in
yet) are going to the Baton Rouge site and they'll work from there until
they're able to return to New Orleans full-time.

I'll send on more information as we get it.  In the meantime, watch the
AAM site for the posting of their "First Reports" section.


Karla Nicholson, Director of Programs, AASLH
1717 Church St., Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-320-3203; email: [log in to unmask] 

Dear Friends of AASLH:

I know all of you are upset about the effects of Hurricane Katrina. We
cannot forget the history organizations that may have suffered, and will
continue to suffer for some time.

I'm pleased to tell you that the American Association of Museums jumped
in immediately and is developing pages on its website to report on
museums affected by Hurricane Katrina and recovery efforts. It will
include information about federal and technical assistance, updates on
reports of damage, and information about how to contribute money or
expertise. The pages should be posted very soon and will be updated as
information is received. 

AASLH and AAM have confirmed with Richard Waterhouse, executive
director, that the Southeastern Museums Conference has established a
fund for museums affected by Hurricane Katrina. Checks should be made
payable to SEMC with Hurricane Katrina Fund noted in the memo field. The
mailing address is SEMC, P.O. Box 9003, Atlanta, GA 31106. The SEMC
board will make decisions regarding distribution of the funds.

We want to thank AAM and SEMC for their good work. And we will all hold
history organizations in the southeast close to our hearts and minds.

Terry Davis, President & CEO 

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As the news reports of the aftermath of Katrina keep
coming in, I'm wondering if anyone on the list has
heard from Marie O'Connell.  She's at the University
of Southern Mississippi, and I see that the hurricane
went right through Hattiesburg and did a lot of
damage.  If anyone has any more info, please post it
to the list (or directly to me off-list if you

Trey Bunn
Folklife Resource Center
McKissick Museum
University of South Carolina

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