Hi all,

We currently have a group of EAD encoded finding aids on our website  and I
have been asked to work out how to embed a "representative" image from each
of the collections described at the beginning of each finding aid. I'm a
little confused as to what tag to use. I understand that <dao>/<daogrp>
should be used for links to digital representations of collections being
described in the finding aid, and another EAD linking mechanism, such as
<exptr>, should be used for digital objects that are included in the finding
aid but are not part of the collection being described. Since the images we
use will be from the collections described then <dao>/<daogrp> should apply,
but then again the images won't be showing up in the part of the finding aid
in which they're actually described but are being used more as  "title page"
illustrations, so is it more appropraite to <exptr>? 

Has anyone else done this and if so, could you share your encoding with me?

Many thanks in advance,

Stephanie Ashley
Archives of American Art
Smithsonian Institution