Jenn R.,
There are no required or fixed attributes for EAD 2002 DTD UNITDATE
element. I wonder what else the conversion tool is changing. Is it
giving you a report?

Mike Ferrando
Library Technician
Library of Congress
Washington, DC

--- "Riley, Jenn" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hello-
> I'm planning for the conversion of a set of EAD1.0 finding aids to
> EAD2002. In EAD1.0, the type attribute could have the attributes
> bulk,
> inclusive or single. In EAD2002, this list is restricted to bulk or
> inclusive. For dates previously marked as single, is it correct to
> not
> include a type attribute, rather than using type="inclusive"? The
> conversion tools available from
> <> add a datechar="single"
> attribute, which I'm not sure I like in this situation.
> So I'm thinking for a single date, something like <unitdate
> normal="19940802">August 2, 1994</unitdate> is sufficient to get
> the
> meaning across. Does that sound reasonable?
> Thanks!
> Jenn
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