On September 27, 
Will Change The Way you Monitor Congress!
Where: FLICC/FEDLINK Training Room, Adams Bldg., Rm 216
Time: 9:30-11:30 AM only.
Registration: Please call (202)707-4800 to register. is the most innovative service for legislative professionals.  Come to the Library of Congress to learn how we are helping government agencies all over town stay on top of the issues affecting them. will present:

GW Hot Docs have revolutionized Congressional monitoring by delivering the most difficult to get documents to you prior to anybody else, saving you valuable political capital. makes these available to you throughout the day and provides daily e-mail notifications of Hot Docs that are relevant to you.  GW Hot Docs includes:
Member Letters	
Draft Bill Text
Draft Amendments
Chairman's Marks
Committee Amendments
GAO, OMB, CBO Reports and much more!

*NEW* Legislative Narratives.  If you thought GW Hot Docs was exciting come learn about our narratives and how they provide a tool that shows the relationship between letters, CRS reports, press releases and official legislative actions.  Two of our current narratives are:
Stem Cell Narrative for leading Healthcare Agency
Pension Narrative for leading publisher of Congressional News and Analysis

Congressional Research Service Reports - Full text searching and retrieval of all CRS Reports from 1998 forward! is the first and ONLY comprehensive database of CRS Online CRS Reports.   New reports are posted and delivered to you via e-mail on a daily basis!

Real-Time Legislative Monitoring * provides comprehensive bill information, legislative searching, customized tracking reports, committee schedules, House and Senate floor information and Daily Legislative Reports, member and staff information, and vote information.  All of this information is updated and delivered to you within seconds of it happening on the floor or being made available

Statue Tracker * provides a unique service that highlights the statutes affected in each bill.  You can also track a statute to ensure that Congress doesn't sneak a provision in a bill you wouldn't normally track.  

US Budget Service - Track the line item detail of all Appropriations bills. The most comprehensive monitoring source for Appropriations and Authorization measures

*NEW* Announces BRASS - an innovative Legislative Analysis Workflow and Collaboration Service:  Be the first to see the latest innovation by * a sneak preview of our Legislative Analysis Workflow tool, that allows you to automate the analysis process and create an agency wide knowledge base of legislative analyses that is fully searchable through an easy to use interface

*NEW* Congress KnowWho:  Need to contact a member of Congress or their staffer?  You can have all Congressional members, staff, and committee staff contacts available at your fingertips in an online directory either available through the web or integrated into Microsoft Outlook.

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FEDLINK Vendor Services Coordinator
Library of Congress
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