Message from LC's Preservation Director: today is the deadline for FEMA Public Assistance
FEMA is accepting applications for emergency management to stabilize collections from institutions affected by Hurricane Katrina. The deadline for submitting these requests for Alabama and Louisiana is today, Sept. 30, but the deadline for Mississippi has been extended another 30 days (see link below).  

If you know of an institution that is in need of public assistance, we ask you to let them know about this opportunity. Institutions do not have to assess the exact anticipated costs to submit these requests. Rather, their application will notify FEMA that they will be in need of public assistance in the future for recovery of property and collections.

The one-page form should be submitted as soon as possible for Alabama and Louisiana. NOTE: This form does not require specific damages---institutions may file it even if staff has not been able to perform a damage assessment.

The RPA form can be downloaded from the FEMA Web site: The RPA form is also attached as a PDF. If possible, private non-profit organizations should also attach copies of their Tax Exemption Certificate and Organization Charter or By-Laws.

**  Forms for institutions in Alabama and Louisiana should be e-mailed or faxed to Alan Aiches ([log in to unmask]) in the Louisiana FEMA Joint Field Office. FAX: 225-379-4065.     

**  We will have specific contact information for Mississippi tomorrow or Monday at the latest.