We know that many of you are concerned about our colleagues in the Gulf Region and wanted you to know what measures are already underway regarding libraries and information centers.  

As some of you may know, IFLA designated the Library of Congress as the North American center for conservation and preservation.  To implement this responsibility, LC established a 10-member PAC (preservation and conservation) network.  During emergencies, the participating institutions provide staff expertise, supplies and equipment.  In addition, the acting head of LC's Preservation Directorate is part of a multi-agency task force (which includes FEMA and the Park Service, among others) that makes assessments during national emergencies and provides guidance.  

In the near future, we expect that solicitations will come from our community for assistance and we will be able to respond accordingly.    

With you, we hope that all of our colleagues and friends are safe and that they know we will be there to help them as they rebuild.


Roberta I. Shaffer, Executive Director, and the staff of FLICC/FEDLINK