ISO 639 JAC ballot 2005-02 - Aranese

Voting deadline: 2005-09-09

Please see original submission below. Discussion was opened on 2005-02-14. There was some discussion, in particular relating to the name: Gascon vs Aranese.

Submitted by:  Glenn Patton 

(A) Inclusion:
___ I am in favour of including Aranese in 639-2 (alpha-3)
_ X __ I am opposed to inclusing Aranese in 639-2
[Inclusion in 639-1 is not balloted]
Comment:  Based on rereading the messages from the discussion in February, it appears to me that the consensus was that an identifier for Aranese should not be added.  Thus, my "no" vote. 

(B) Identifier:
___ I am in favour of the alpha-3 identifier "gsc"
_ X __ I am opposed to the alpha-3 identifier "gsc"

(C) Names:
___ I am in favour of the English name "Aranese"
_ X __ I am opposed to the English name "Aranese"

___ I am in favour of the French name "aranes"
_ X __ I am opposed to the French name "aranes"

___ I am in favour of the indigenous name "aranés"
_ X __ I am opposed to the indigenous name "aranés"

(D) Comments:


This data was submitted on: Monday, January 24, 2005 at 19:33:03

lang_in_eng = Aranes (occitan from Aran valley)

lang_in_fre = aranes (occitan du val d'Aran)

ref_where_found_1 =

lang_in_vern = Aranes

ref_where_found_2 =

trans_lit =

evidence = ortographical rules:

conselh d'aran (15)

CCOO (77)

Some books:

addinfo = information (english)


Web pages en aranes

Normas ortográficas:

curs aranés

request_addition = ISO 639-2 only

2_code_suggestion =

3_code_suggestion =

submit_name = Javier Torres Fern=E1ndez

submit_email = [log in to unmask]

submit_status = language teacher.

web programer.