I prefer explicit setting of data types.

1. I like not having to remember defaults.
2. When using Sun RELAX NG Converter to convert PREMIS to RelaxNG I
discovered that this tool does not handle the defaults correctly
(i.e. absence of data type for element did not convert to
type=xs:string). When the data type is present the conversion worked as
expected. This is not the fault of PREMIS but it seems being explicit can
prevent downstream headaches.

Morgan Cundiff

On Fri, 9 Sep 2005, Rebecca S. Guenther wrote:

> We recently had some messages about the use of minOccurs=1 and
> maxOccurs=1, which was changed in version 1.1 from what was in 1.0. It was
> pointed out that semantically including minOccurs=1 and maxOccurs=1 was
> the same as leaving them out since they are the defaults in XML
> schema. (The same goes for the data type "string"; right now xs:string is
> used in most cases and is explicitly in the PREMIS schemas, but since it's
> a default in XML schema, it could also be deleted. We just discovered one 
> place where it was left out that it should have been there for
> consistency's sake.)
> This really goes to the question of style and there are various opinions
> about this. Is it better to have a compact schema that only includes what
> is needed and eliminates redundancies or to have a more verbose schema
> that spells out the defaults explicitly? Either way is correct.
> As we go to version 1.1, before we finalize the drafts that are out there,
> it would be good if we came to consensus on this. Any opinions?
> Rebecca