We changed xs:dateTime to a complex type to allow for the use of either
date without time (xs:date) or date and time (xs:dateTime). That data type
is only used for a few elements (that are dates) and those elements are
only found in the Event and Object schemas. It wasn't needed in Agent or
Rights. The former has no dates and the only date in the latter is defined
with data type xs:date (i.e. without the time), and the choice of date or
date+time isn't needed.  The PREMIS container (PREMIS-v1-1.xsd) only
references the separate schemas. It was designed as an optional wrapper.  
Since it isn't required to use the container schema, and we've
allowed for using the separate schemas by themselves, I don't expect we'd
want to do this because it would force you to always use the PREMIS

I suppose your Oxygen is choking because the same data type is defined in
2 schemas. Another way around it might be to name them differently in each
schema, i.e. objectDateType and eventDateType or something like that. Or
does anyone else have any other alternative?


On Thu, 29 Sep 2005, Richard Davis wrote:

> Rebecca S. Guenther wrote:
> > We have made a few changes to the PREMIS schema drafts for version
> > 1.1. We'd like to give people a week or so to take a look at them before
> > we say they're final.
> > 
> > See:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > (not yet linked from the main site)
> Hi again
> I notice (or at least OxygenXML has noticed) that (Event) eventDateTime 
> and (Object) dateCreatedByApplication are now of type "dateType", not 
> xs:dateTime, and that complexType "dateType" is defined in both 
> Event-v1-1.xsd and Object-v1-1.xsd.
> Since my test XML files use the main PREMIS-v1-1.xsd, not its component 
> files, OxygenXML now chokes, complaining of duplicate global definitions.
> Is this something I've done wrong, or might this type definition be 
> better located in the main PREMIS XSD?
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