On Sep 29, 2005, at 10:44 AM, Richard Davis wrote:

> Rebecca S. Guenther wrote:
>> I suppose your Oxygen is choking because the same data type is  
>> defined in 2 schemas.
> Indeed: "A schema cannot contain two global components with the same
> name; this schema contains two occurrences of
> ',dateType'."
> I don't know if this is a feature of XML Schema or Oxygen.

It's a feature of XML Schema.

> According to van der Vlist's book
>> A xs:include is actually a request [...] to add all the component
> > declarations found in this schema to the consolidated schema if
> > they have not already been defined, to ignore the components
>> found in the new schema that are already defined in the global
> > schema if they are identical, and to raise an error if they are
> > different.
> ( )
> On this basis (and assuming that the "components" referred to  
> include type definitions) I would think there shouldn't be an  
> error, since both definitions are the same.

Ah, but the definitions for dateType are *not* currently being  
brought into the object
and event schema through an xs:include, and that's what your  
validator is complaining
about.  You have two, separate global definitions of the same type  
embedded within
two schema.  When they are 'included' into the master PREMIS schema,  
they conflict,
even though they are identical.  To avoid this, there has to be a  
single definition of the
type which is then brought into the object and event schemas via an  
include statement.

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