Eric Lease Morgan wrote:
> On Sep 26, 2005, at 9:55 AM, Oldroyd, Bill wrote:
>> I like it.
>> But the response will contain records using utf-8 which doesn't  seem to
>> display correctly. Try "lenin single works" .
>>>    *
> I feel like the Ugly American because I do not know how to resolve  this 
> problem, and it appears in many of my other implementations.
> What encoding should I add to my output so it works correctly?

well, whatever encoding there was used in the recods in the first place.

My experience with all this encoding problems is that you need to do 
three-four things right

1) know which encoding you are coming from
2) know which encoding you want to go to
3) apply the right encoding transformation
4) label your XML with the right encoding afterwards

It always astonishes me how many people trying to solve 3), not having a 
good grip of 1) and 2). Off course, 2) and 3) are not used if you are 
happy with the encoding you got in the first place.

In addition, Perl has it's own magic which will toss your nicely planned 
strategy over board.

I had quite many debugging nightmares cased by Perl magic. See maybe the 
following for a better explanaition:

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