On 04/10/05, Lou Judson wrote:
> All the DATS I recorded (ten years worth) are at 44.1, and when a 
> client brings in a 48k DAT, I usually transfer analog to 44.1 because 
> it seems to come out just as well or better than a lengthy SRC in the 
> digital realm. Thought or comments?

You are then going through a D->A, an analog driver stage, and an A->D;
so it would entirely depend on how well engineered these are.

Likewise the digital sample rate conversion would depend on the quality
of the algorithm. There is always a better way to do something.

And it will depend on the material. What may be more than good enough
for oral history might show a slight but audible loss of quality on a
concert recording of Elgar's Introduction and Allegro for Strings.
> I have a Sony 2300 that works as well as the day it was new, a good 
> D-100, a 59ES that seemed to need heads last time I checked, and a 
> lowly Panasonic 3500. I've kept the 3500 just in case for a long time 
> now and never needed it - anyone looking for one?

Don Cox
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