At 09:50 AM 10/4/2005, John Spencer wrote:
>While I will agree that widespread availability of material is a
>viable methodology for dissemination, I was trying to point out that
>for "preservation files" (typically either born-digital or migrated
>at a higher sample rate than Redbook CD), one might wish to consider
>another carrier for the data.

So far, I _think_ the best choices we have today for long-term 
preservation are:

(1) A managed digital archive (involving a mix of disk and tape)
(2) Gold CDs either as redbook or an ISO file system
(3) LTO Tape

Any other suggestions?

>Supplemental migration of this data is
>essential for preservation.

In (1), above, that is built in to the process
In (2) and (3) above, it is a process that must be managed

>The "operating system" for books hasn't changed very much over the
>years, but the same cannot be said for computers.




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