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>And, knowing that the subscribers to this list are amongst the best in
>reformatting and restoration...I would wonder if anyone would like to
>share stories on recordings they have preserved that they consider to be
>treasures...things that, for reasons of the US copyrights, and the
>potential costs involved (legal and license fees, etc) cannot be made
>available to the general public. Recordings that may reside in private
>hands and/or have not been listed in any of the major bibliographic

(1) The first item that comes to mind is the first taped broadcast 
ever to air on a nationwide radio network in the U.S. It was produced 
on tape, but copied to ETs for broadcast. It's a celebrity icon issue 
as much as a copyright issue with this one. I spent several hours 
exploring the licensing of this and it was too complex to address. I 
had wanted to burn 1,000 CDs of this and be done with it, but that 
wasn't going to be easy from a licensing perspective.

"Philco Radio Time with Bing Crosby" 1 October 1947

(2) I have transferred some oral histories of Charles Lindbergh which 
have been distributed to the family and the family of the friend of 
Lindy's who made the tapes--in fact the tapes were made to help Lindy 
convince the friend that HE should write about their early 
experiences as Lindy had already done. It never happened. I _think_ a 
copy may have gone to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum.

(3) Too recent, but the Princess Diana interviews would be 
interesting to have available. The text is in the book, but listening 
to her voice was interesting.

And NO - no one can get copies of these things from me.

The seafarer interviews I'm doing right now for the San Francisco 
Maritime Museum are not that interesting in their entirety, but I 
went and  bought the out-of-print, limited edition book that came 
from these interviews as the overall subject, when condensed and 
interpreted, should be interesting. This is about 60-70 hours of interviews.



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