On Wed, 5 Oct 2005, Lou Judson wrote:

> I have a personal collection of recordings of nearly every live show I
> have mixed going back to 1971 - people such as Eric Anderson, Van
> Morrison, Taj Mahal, Jerry Garcia, and so on, and have long wondered
> what to do with this archive as the years go by and the artists get
> better known and also die off... I did a lot of folk music live on KPFA
> in the mid 70s, Freight and Salvage since 1998, etc etc.
> Along with preserving and making available, I'd be very interested in
> hearing Rita and Kenny from those days as well. This is a big topic and
> I am intensely interested in what to do with this kind of material!


And you raise the big question...what to do with this kind of I wonder what to do with my own collection.

It has seemed to me that with the baby boomers, like myself (probably the
first generation to be able to record at relatively low cost)
trying to decide what should be done with their stuff after they are
gone, we are looking at the beginning of an unprecedented flood of
historical sound documents coming to light...and looking for a home.

The old ways of cataloging and acess can't even keep up with the
commercial stuff...