On Fri, 30 Sep 2005, David Lennick wrote:

> Tom Fine wrote:
> > I believe the MGM Classics catalog may be owned by Universal. Universal owns
> > Verve, which was bought by MGM in the early 60s, so I'm guessing the
> > forefather of Universal (Polygram/Philips) bought all of MGM's record
> > business at some point.
> >
> > -- Tom Fine
> Which of course doesn't mean that Universal inherited the master tapes, since
> those had been out of print since the late 50s..even the blue jacket reissues in
> the 60s were pressed from old stampers. MGM trashed much of its record division.

I have heard differing came from Hovhaness who said that
when he wanted to buy the masters of his own music, nobody could find
them. Then I had a note from Lukas Kendall, who has his Film Score
Monthly label, and, as I recall, has issued some of the MGM scores.
Lukas mentioned that he thought they might still exist. I keep looking and
will follow up on Tom's suggestion about contacting Universal...assuming
they will ever reply.