On Thu, 6 Oct 2005, Russ Hamm wrote:

> Something's got to give.

And what do you, or those on this list think will give...obviously
libraries are not likely to bend...most don't have the infrastructure to
do it right...nor do most of them (from personal experience) even
recognize the difference between doing it right and just doing it...and
then they have encumbered systems to document holdings...etc. nor do they
have any way to generate income to pay for any aspect of the process...and
in many instances, don't even have the space to store the stuff...

It seems to me that there is an inverse proportional relationship between
the material that needs to be preserved and the resources needed to
preserve it. And, if one believes that the available information is
growing exponentially...I believe we have already seen the effects of the
second law of thermodynamics at work...