On Fri, 7 Oct 2005, Scott Phillips wrote:

> The laws are broken. How can this be
> changed ? One wonders if the issues are too complex for congress members
> to take in (or want to), let alone how to deflect the massive lobbying
> efforts of the 'few'......

How can this be changed? I would suggest that, like any unenforceable law,
like prohibition, change comes from the populace pushing the envelope.

I don't slight the Congress for not understanding the issues involved,
they are complex...

As for me, I see access to be equivalent to "victim's rights." The closest
we have to that is the Freedom of Information Act.

My guess is that if one could show the Unions and the performance
organizations that they are losing potential revenue...nobody is making
any money with something locked up in an archive. Yes, to do make it
available under the current laws would not be economically
viable...changes in the law to make it viable, would seem to be
appropriate...especially when performing organizations are struggling to
stay alive...

As I prepare some releases of the "Philharmonic Symphony Society" (the
only way to issue New York Philharmonic without fear of an injuctions), I
would like to be able to pay them if I ever recoup costs. I can't pay them
since they "don't want to know about it."