On Fri, 7 Oct 2005, Mike Richter wrote:

> It happened in later years, at least. I have recordings from the
> broadcast booth at Symphony Hall on nights the BSO was not broadcast.

Me too. Pity we can't issue them legally. Pity too that, as far as I know,
Library of Congress doesn't have copies.

> One footnote (though to an earlier post on this thread). Marilyn Horne's
> second autobiography includes a CD of her performances. It is of pirate
> recordings by choice and of necessity given the cost of 'legal' ones.
> If reason had anything to do with the music business, one would expect
> the publisher of a recording to pay the performer to include an excerpt
> on such a disc; it can only increase sales. However, logic does not apply.

From my perspective, the "logic" of our copyright law is at best, highly
flawed. I wonder if the music industry would sue a library...well they did
go after a grandmother who didn't have a computer...accused her of illegal
downloading of music...