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> It's About Time...
> With the launch of their new e-label, The Milwaukee Symphony drags
> classical music kicking and screaming into the 21st century.
> by Drew McManus
> October 10, 2005
> On September 30th, 2005 the world of classical music received a good,
> swift kick in the pants. Just a few weeks after the opening of their
> season, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
> <> became the first
> major American orchestra to distribute several of their recordings via
> iTunes with plans to distribute on additional digital music stores in
> the beginning of 2006. Welcome to the 21st century. The problem with
> classical music recordings isn't a lack of interest among younger
> generations or an oversupply of standard repertoire recordings;
> instead, the problem is cost. Orchestra recordings are expensive to
> produce and, therefore, expensive to purchase. As a result, much like
> the rest of the pop music world, classical music CD's have pushed the
> $20 marker for decades; 

Only if you insist on buying new releases from the expensive labels.

There are many good classical CDs available at less than half that, for
example the Warner Apex label.

Box sets are now coming out at around $3 or $4 per disk, if you don't
mind paper sleeves. 

There is no reason for a beginner to orchestral music to pay $20 for a

Don Cox
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