Here are some pics of the hand-held solid state recorder that Sony plans
to ship in december:
details are shown in the screen photo at the above link.

The demo unit felt solid, wasn't as heavy as it looks, and was easy to


I didn't ask how much it will cost,

On Wed, 12 Oct 2005, andy kolovos wrote:

> David Lewiston wrote:
> > I've read negative comments about the quality of the preamps in this
> > recorder, giving the impression that while it might be perfectly
> > adequate for non-critical recordings (interviews and the like) it isn't
> > suitable for serious music recording.
> >
> > Salutations, David L
> >
> Since when is an interview "non-critical", pal?
> Note: I'm just joking.  As a cranky folklorist I just couldn't resist,
> though.
> For us the issue has been the flat-out low quality preamps on the
> Marantz CF machines.  And from all accounts I've heard/read the FR2
> preamps are much cleaner in comparison.  This, of course, is purely
> second hand, anecdotal info though.
> After working with the PMD660 with both a 421 II and a EV RE50 N/DB I'm
> amazed that radio people can use them at all.  Hissy.  I'm waiting on a
> new mic, an AT813a (inexpensive self-powered condenser), to see if that
> makes things any better.  To date though, in many respects our Sharp MD
> recorders sound cleaner.  And while our DAT machines (TCD-D10ProIIs)
> have wonderful micpres, we've pretty much stepped away from the format.
> I hold out hope of a professional-spec CF recorder with clean preamps.
> Otherwise we're going to have to switch to an external micpre, which
> will cost as much as the FR2 (I imagine) and force us to haul around one
> more expensive and fragile thing!
> andy
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