Now this is starting to get exciting. While not perfect, I've usually 
been happy with the sound of Sony products.

I found, "<>Sony showed its new PCM-D1 portable 
field recorder. Yow! About $2k, including 4-gig Flash memory off 
rechargeable or AA batteries. Linear PCM recording or compressed audio files."


Those LOOK (but that's part of the marketing, I guess) like serious 
condenser mic capsules. Look similar to (but not identical to) AKG 
C451 capsules.

It's not clear if the 4GB is built in or removable.

Hopefully this also has external mic inputs AND 48V phantom power.

At 10:25 AM 10/12/2005, Eugene Lew wrote:
>Here are some pics of the hand-held solid state recorder that Sony plans
>to ship in december:
>details are shown in the screen photo at the above link.
>The demo unit felt solid, wasn't as heavy as it looks, and was easy to
>I didn't ask how much it will cost,

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