>At  10/13/2005 01:58 PM, Lou Judson wrote:
>APM seems to be the new name for PRI,

The distinction between APM (American Public Media) and PRI (Public 
Radio International) seems to be one of those things that matters 
more to the people within the two organizations than to the rest of the world.

APM produces and distributes programs from within the Minnesota 
Public Radio empire, which syndicates their own productions such as 
Marketplace, programs they acquire from independent producers like A 
Prairie Home Companion, and programs from the BBC and the CBC.

PRI is a separate agency that distributes programs from independent 
stations and producers, and from the BBC, including a 24-hour stream 
from the BBC World Service.

As I understand it, APM was established as a separate program 
syndicator after Minnesota Public Radio withdrew its programs from 
PRI, but it's probably more complicated than that. Nothing in the 
politics of public radio is ever simple.

John Ross