At 07:03 PM 10/13/2005, Lou Judson wrote:
>Deeper question: how are gold CDRs more archival? They still use 
>chemicals for the coding, so is it just the better reflectivity? And 
>I am unfamiliar with the term MAM-A. Pardon if this is too 
>elementary, but I am here to learn as long as it doesn't bother the 
>real archivists! I'm small time myself compared to many of you... If 
>I need to brush up on basics just send me there and I'll be quiet!

The phthalocyanine dye is considered stable and the gold reflective 
layer is considered stable.

Don't glue anything to the lacquer that could damage it.

MAM-A is the name under which Mitsui is now selling their CD-Rs.

My distributor tells me there is only labeling difference between the 
Archival gold CD-Rs and the gold CD-Rs. I'm not 100% sure of that, 
but I can't find any differences on the Web site the last time I looked.



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