Hi, Katie,

Thanks for the explanation.  I feel MUCH better!

At some point, you will probably junk original recordings. If you buy 
solid-state recorders with or without removable memory, you won't be 
archiving that - at least I hope not due to the costs.

Although I conceptually treat MDs the same way as my digi cam flash 
cards, I might suggest a multi-drawer media cabinet -- I have one 
with inserts that fit DAT or MD. My DATs and MDs are in those 
drawers. A creative solution I saw for cassettes was recycling oak 
card catalog cases from the library. Normally I would not suggest 
wood, but in this case they were old enough and seasoned enough that 
I don't think they were going to outgas much. Besides, the cassettes 
were being copied to gold CD-R within a couple of years (now done).



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