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>By the way, for all of you with large archives of things like interviews or
>field recordings or other non-commercial content you'd like to see more
>publicly-available, you might see if Google will catalog and host your
>digital files. This sort of thing is right up their alley -- Google Sounds
>or something like that. They have the money and resources to afford the
>storage and bandwidth to make it widely available. Once enough people know
>about and download something, its chances of living a long time (and
>mattering a long time) are greatly enhanced.
>-- Tom Fine

For "preservation through dissemination", you might want to check out

There is a huge audio section where you can post just about anything in multiple 
formats, both full-size (BWF/AIFF), lossless (FLAC/SHN/Apple Lossless), and lossy 
(MP3/Ogg Vorbis/etc...).

Organizations such as the Naropa Audio Archive

have posted hundreds of hours of material.

For rights-related issues, check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation and its Open 
Audio Licence

which provides a legal framework for most non-commercial (and some commercial) 
dissemination of audio via digital/electronic means.

dave nolan