At 10:35 PM 10/18/2005, Steve Smolian wrote:
 >Perhaps this is a place for ARSC to step in.  Someone (salaried) 
could be gatekeeper for this kind of discographic project.

As far as I know from reading the ARSC Journal, the proposed ARSC 
discographical format is wholly unsuitable for serious work in the jazz area.

As for Steven Barr's suggestion, he kindly allowed me a look at his 
database and again, it is unsuitable for the work that I do - and I 
don't mean to suggest that my work is any kind of high and mighty 
specialized stuff - but it's specifically based on how jazz 
discography has developed over 70-some years (see Delaunay, Rust, 
Godrich & Dixon & Rye, Jepsen, Raben, Bruyninckx, Ruppli, and Wild, 
Weiler, Sheridan, Fujioka, Young, and other specialists). And I do 
not see consideration for that in either the ARSC or Barr formats.

Apparently those other formats are absolutely wonderful for other 
people in other areas, but having done intensive study in the jazz 
field, they aren't appropriate in this area.

I completely agree with Steven Barr regarding corrections. A 
"knowledgeable human" must be involved - actively involved.


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