On Tue, 18 Oct 2005, Steven Smolian wrote:

> Perhaps this is a place for ARSC to step in.  Someone (salaried) could be
> gatekeeper for this kind of discographic project.  I believe there may be
> (or were) plans do this on a limited basis for the Victor project.
> Perhaps the articles in the Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound could be vetted
> the same way.
> In no case can corrections or aditions be made on the basis of "what I know"
> but would require a citation to be checked by the administrator.
> That's an idea in rough, anyway.

As we have discussed before in relation to cataloging, I agree completely.
And, as one of my former students, Rick Taylor, suggested some time ago,
why not make use of all of the highly informed postings on this
list which provide solutions to reformatting problems. While one can
search the list archives, I wonder if not some formal organization might
be of help. Perhaps updating Steve's wonderful "Fifty questions on audio

Indeed, a moderated publication would seem to me to be a worthwhile
project. I also believe that a database, with the imprimatur of ARSC,
which would include discographies and the holdings of private collections
would be wonderful. With the support of ARSC, it would be able to have
some immediate credibility in the world of information.

No, I am not suggesting authority work...but keyword least if
you knew "Basie" was part of the entry, you might have some
success...assuming it was not listed as Baasie or Bassie, not to be
confused with Shirley Bassie...