At 10:13 PM 10/19/2005, Steven Barr wrote:
>Note that my database is intended for cataloguing, not

Yes, exactly.

Cataloging isn't what I want to do and I believe that an accurate 
comprehensive discography is of more value.

When such a thing is produced, the cataloger can refer to it and 
*then* note any unique characteristics of the Item (using the FRBR 
meaning). Too much effort has been put into cataloging that adds 
superfluous discographical information instead of separating out what 
FRBR defines as Work, Expression, and Manifestation (what the BRIAN 
application calls Song, Performance, Issue).

Catalogs are great if you want to inventory a specific collection (or 
to create an imaginary joint collection). If you aim for something 
broader, problems ensue. Catalogs do a great job with material that 
has been issued once. Reissues and repackagings introduce 
difficulties. But a discography that starts with the session (not the 
issue) has no trouble with them.


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