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>Dear Colleagues
>How does one:
>1. Transfer music from microgroove records to compact
>2. What type of equipment (hardware and software) is
>3. Is it a good choice to transfer music for archival
>purposes or only as an access copy to reseachers
>4. Where can one in Africa get the equipment at a
>reasonable prize
>5. How do you preserve the Compact Discs if you
>6. What are the temperatures for keeping the Compact
>With Regards
>Ishumael Zinyengere

I strongly suggest that you invest in a copy of the IASA Guidelines on the 
Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects (TC-04). We sell this 
for $54 postpaid to US addresses and $57 postpaid to foreign addresses. It 
will answer many questions for you, and might save you a considerable 
amount of time.

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