From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Steven Barr wrote (just a quote)

........................... So far, I've found some water damage in a
> couple of boxes (one I was under water for a couple
> of weeks due to a plugged sewer...the other was the bottom half
> a dozen records in a box of flat-stored discs).

----- this is a very pertinent observation that goes against the traditional 
advice of storing records rather tightly vertically, and Steve Smolian's 
important instructions to archives, never to use the lower shelves for other 
than expendable things.

For private collectors with a need to fill space it may make perfect sense to 
store records on the lower shelf as flat-stored discs. This goes for books, 
too. This means that you mostly only lose what was actually submerged, rather 
than the bottom part of everything on that shelf.

----- some cardboard boxes can be very sneaky: they are open to water rising, 
and then they swell and actually may retain a higher water level inside the 
box after the event, when the water outside has receded again. Similar for 
some plastic bags.

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