Returning to the subject of Capitol's NYC studio, pictures at Herman
Leonard's website ( and the Herman Leonard gallery at
Mosaic Records' website ( lead me to believe if may
have been established as early as 1950, assuming the photos are accurately
dated. In the Clifford Brown photos taken in 1954 at a session at Capitol
(known from photos in the CD reissue) and in photos from Cannonball
Adderley's self-titled first album session for Emarcy/Mercury, note the
pull-down screen that looks sort of like a big shade. I think that's some
sort of baffle or isolation screen and it's in many pictures from
known-Capitol NYC sessions. That pull-down panel appears in a photo of Sarah
Vaughn dated 1950:

Now, I can't be sure the dates on all these photos are right. This photo,
supposedly Paris 1958:
is actually Studio A of Fine Sound in 1956, for either the 1/12/56 session
for Lester Young's record "The Jazz Giants '56" or the Teddy Wilson/Lester
Young  record "Pres and Teddy" cut the next day.

I want to add that most other dates on Herman Leonard photos seem to match
dates for sessions in pictured times and places according to various online
discographies. Also, just to add credence to the Sarah Vaughn photo being
from 1950, she looks about the right age (very young) in that photo.

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Speaking of recording studios in New York, can anyone help with information
regarding the recording studio used for the recording of "Mr. Sandman", by
The Chordettes, Cadence Label. I'm trying to find out the studio used, the
address, and the date, if possible.

Rod Smear

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Records in the Fred Waring Archives indicate recording for Capitol in
1957-58 in "Riverside Plaza"and after that (1959-1965) in "Manhattan
Center". It also indicates the Capitol office address as 1730 Broadway.
Pete Kiefer

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>got this info from bob:
>>There was a Capitol studio in New York in the mid '60s because I walked
>>by it on the way to my hotel!
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