Otto Striebel
Tobelweg 3
87757 Kirchheim

Dear collectors.

It's the greatest request of the world of record collecting to bring
undiscovered treasures to the light of the public.
We are dependent on the help of unselfish collectors.

The Bettini cylinders of Italo Campanini are such treasures.
I have read the article in "The Record Collector, Vol. 22, No. 8+9 " and the
article on the internet side "Historical Tenors".
Who can tell something about the cylinders of Charles Schwab?

Who can acquaint something about the whereabouts of the cylinders of Italo
Campanini in New York and in Italy?

Keith Moyer wrote the following in his article for "The Record Collector":
"Now we have solos from Cotogni, Jean B. Faure and Christine Nilsson. What
next? We may have a Campanini.".
Is there a recording of Christine Nilsson?
This would mean a sensation.

Many thanks for your help.

Yours sincerely,
Otto Striebel