Otto Striebel wrote:

> The Bettini cylinders of Italo Campanini are such treasures.
> I have read the article in "The Record Collector, Vol. 22, No. 8+9 " and the
> article on the internet side "Historical Tenors".
> Who can tell something about the cylinders of Charles Schwab?
> Who can acquaint something about the whereabouts of the cylinders of Italo
> Campanini in New York and in Italy?
> Keith Moyer wrote the following in his article for "The Record Collector":
> "Now we have solos from Cotogni, Jean B. Faure and Christine Nilsson. What
> next? We may have a Campanini.".
> Is there a recording of Christine Nilsson?
> This would mean a sensation.

It is theoretically possible that there might be a Bettini cylinder of 
Italo Campanini (1845-1896) as it is that there might be one of Gayarre 
(1844-1890), but I've never heard more than speculation about such a 
recording. The best source of information would surely be Christian 
Zwarg of Truesound Transfers. His CD of Bettini cylinders (number 1901) 
includes recordings as early as 1897 so no Campanini.

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