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> I'm looking for information about how anyone here on the arsc-list has handled
> and transferred old acetate tapes that have begun to curl?
> Does anyone have a favorite machine that they use for playback, where one can
> gently increase tape tension to improve the tape->head contact?

Yes, a TASCAM 42 or 44 with a hex driver stuck in the deck lid at any one of
several points on the supply side can increase drag and tape tension to
almost any level required. In extreme cases, I've routed the tape behind the
lifters to increase drag.

This technique is machine-dependent; you're not going to be able to do it on
many machines.

I've never had a curled acetate tape that I couldn't play. In some cases,
the speed is affected, but the tape will play.

> I'm not much of a bench tech, and have usually resorted to machines that have
> tension settings for 7" & 10" reels, but I imagine there's probably a better
> and more fine-tuned way to do this...

I never found a machine's tension settings to be sufficient for very badly
curled acetate tape. Our Studer A820 simply wouldn't allow for it. You're
pretty much abusing your machine to increase tension to the levels required,
and some machines just won't permit it.

> Also - has anyone ever resorted to using any sort of pressure pad, however
> gentle, to improve contact?

Yes, but the problem with pressure pads is that it messes up the head wrap
when applied directly at the repro head.

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